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10 FAQS About Instagram for Your Business

There are several benefits of using Instagram for your business, but among the simplest are – it’s easy and fun to use. New to Instagram or hesitant to start? 以下是小企业主最常问的10个Instagram问题,以及其他企业主发布的一些实用技巧,教你如何成功使用Instagram.

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Instagram Tips FAQS
tip 1

Tip #1 Make an Emotional Connection: 视觉效果是展示你与社区联系的好方法, your business mission, and values.

What is Instagram? Instagram允许用户从移动设备上拍摄照片和视频, apply digital filters and a caption, 然后把照片分享到各种社交网络服务上, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. Instagram让你很容易创造出令人惊叹的照片, and ultimately your business, look professional and creative.
tip 2 Tip#2 Introduce your Employees: Show the human side of your company. Instagram和Pinterest有什么区别? Similar to a search engine, users can use Pinterest to search for specific content or products. 然后他们可以通过固定和分组他们发现的内容来创建视觉上吸引人的面板. 在Pinterest上,每个大头针都是指向图片来源的链接,通常是一个外部网站. 对于企业来说,一个共同的目标就是利用Pinterest来进行搜索引擎优化来产生网站流量. Pinterest还被证明是零售企业的销售引擎. 在Instagram上,用户希望与他们关注的品牌有个人体验. 对于一个伟大的视觉上的差异,要注意访问:
tip 9             Tip #3 Offer Inspiration: 股票报价或个人轶事,这样别人就能把你的生意和积极的一面联系起来. Why would a business want to use Instagram? Instagram让你有机会向客户展示你公司的个人一面, 讲述你的商业故事,并与对你的业务最重要的人建立联系. 它有助于建立一定程度的信任和熟悉,让人们与你的企业建立长期的关系.
tip 10             Tip #4 Have Fun: Through engaging and lighthearted posts, 企业可以在其品牌和追随者之间建立个人联系. What should I share on Instagram? 在使用Instagram进行视觉叙事方面,小企业比大品牌有优势. 小企业主知道他们生意的每一个细节,每天都在现场捕捉真实, timely content. Adding a personal touch, you can humanize your business, show off your values and personality, and foster customer loyalty faster.
tip 5          Tip #5 Get Customers Involved: Encourage the use of a specific hashtag, by capturing your customers in the moment; you create authentic content that truly connects your audience to your business. How can I grow my following on Instagram? 利用你目前使用的所有社交渠道来告诉客户和支持者关于你的账户. 下次让你的联系人知道你在Instagram上 email newsletter,包括你的Instagram用户名,这样没有智能手机的人就可以在网上看到你. Find your customers on Instagram with this social media trick (see #3) 看看谁在访问你的公司时分享了照片,或者访问Instagram的“寻找关注的人”功能 Account Settings. 通过在你的网站或博客上添加一个Instagram徽章来帮助你的客户找到你.
tip 7          Tip #6 Provide a
Glimpse of the Past: 包括#TBT的“复古周四”或# wayback周三的标签,并附上一张突出一个里程碑或较早时间的美好时光的图片.
How can a business measure their success on Instagram? Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) is an easy-touse, Instagram的免费分析平台,很容易让你检查你的照片产生了最多的参与, track your likes and comments and more. You can also install the Iconosquare app as a stream in your HootSuite account to manage your Instagram presence more easily.
tip 3          Tip #7 Show the Steps: 让你的听众通过提供一个新产品的预览来参与进来. 你能把你的Instagram账户连接到你的Facebook商业页面吗? Yes! Under Share Settings in your Instagram Account Setting, 你可以连接到你的Facebook商业页面,让你更容易在Facebook上分享你的Instagram照片,也让Facebook上的人在Instagram上联系你.
tip 4            Tip #8 Go Behind the Scenes: 这将给当前和未来的客户留下持久的印象. I don’t have a smartphone; can I still use Instagram from my computer? Unfortunately, you can’t post to Instagram from a computer, 但你可以使用网页浏览器版本来查看配置文件, follow people, and comment on photos.
tip 6          Tip #9 Capture a Real Moment: Instagram is an effective social
How do I create a collage on Instagram? Pic Stich and Pic Collage are both great for making beautiful collages. Repost for Instagram and Repost & Regram Instagram允许你转发你最喜欢的照片或你的客户的照片.
tip 8             Tip #10

 Promote Your Events: 向你的粉丝展示你的活动带来的兴奋感,他们不会想错过的!

Not yet. If you’re looking to monitor your Instagram feeds, you can use Iconosquare’s integration with HootSuite, 并监控多个Instagram feed和来自 HootSutie mobile app. Fotogramme 有没有另一个应用程序可以让你在多个账户之间切换来监控,但不能发布.


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